Mobile Punch Clock 2.0

Using your mobile device with NFC function to replace traditional punch clock (time recorder).

Free Download

Costs Saving

You no longer need to pay for time-clock, paper cards, maintenance fee or other consumables. All you need is a mobile device with NFC function and NFC-enabled cards. Not only save costs but also be environment friendly.


Most traditional punch clock can not move easily, let alone carry them out. Mobile Punch Clock 2.0 is completely breaking those restrictions, and that's making it suitable for more circumstances and occasions.


Mobile Punch Clock 2.0 is easy to set up, and the user interface are simple and intuitive. Attendance records can be export easily, saving time significantly on your paper operations.


In addition to basic functions, Mobile Punch Clock 2.0 provides more advanced features, such as taking picture while punching in/out, GPS coordinate records, recording manually and department management to meet different needs; more useful features is developing ongoing.

  • Free Versionn-USD$0
  • 1.Language:Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English and Japanese
  • 2.Six states available (state description is editable)
  • 3.Export and mail out csv format attendance records for management
  • 4.Admin can access backend by password or NFC-enabled cards
  • 5.Use for up to 15 personnel
  • Professional Version-USD$13.99
  • 1.All the features of the Free Edition are included
  • 2.Ads removed
  • 3.Add department management feature
  • 4.Use for up to 30 persons
  • Advanced Version-USD$19.99
  • 1.Includes all the features of the Professional Edition
  • 2.number of users is unlimited

It is no available path for upgrading from Professional to Advanced Version. Please evaluate the number of users carefully before purchasing !

Development Company:Cyberstar Information Co., Ltd.

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